‘KO’ Kaleio Romero: Five-Point KO at Epic Fighting 35 — NorCal MMA

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About a year ago, ‘KO’ Kaleio Romero earned his nickname like stripes on a Jiu-Jitsu belt, and the undefeated prospect stamped his poetic alter ego on Epic Fighting’s canvas with the head of Christian Stolp at Epic Fighting 35. At Nor Cal Fight Series (NCFS) 3, ‘KO’ was birthed with a right hand that left […]

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209 Beatdown 3: Results

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August 19, 2017—A quiet, cavernous auditorium in Stockton, California crept to a crescendo of echoing chaos by the start of 209 Beatdown’s third installment: 209 Beatdown 3. Nine of the twelve all-amateur bouts forced the judges to hold their opinions and four championship belts found their rightful owners, but an infinite number of audible reactions […]

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GKO 10: Preview — NorCal MMA

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The mixed martial artists featured on Global Knockout’s upcoming card, GKO 10, may not possess universally acclaimed notoriety—at least not yet, but the attitudes of these gladiators are unrivaled—at least within this plane of reality. Weeks, even days, prior to GKO 10 on August 5, 2017, match-ups were still being shuffled and solidified. In the […]

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NorCal MMA’s Preview of TPF 32 — NorCal MMA

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With thirty-one events in the history books, Tachi Palace Fights (TPF), at TPF 32, plans to add to their legendary narrative on August 3, 2017 with a tale of two title belts and a cast of eighteen mixed martial artists marching toward prosperity in the sport. Main Event: Alex ‘The Decision’ Perez (17-4) vs. Chad […]

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Derrick Easterling: A Champion Making A Debut at URCC 30 — NorCal MMA

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At the onset of 2017, Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) crossed the Pacific Ocean and parked the Philippines based fight promotion in San Fransisco’s harbor. During this event, entitled URCC 29: Conquest, Derrick Easterling (6-3) claimed ownership of the vacant URCC Flyweight Championship with a second-round submission. At URCC 30, Easterling will travel west to […]

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99 Word Flash: A New Dawn

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On June 15, 2017 (link here), Charli Mills (@Charli_Mills) prompted us thus:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that symbolically, mythically, mystically, or realistically involves dawn, as a noun or verb. Write about the dawn of time or the time of dawn, or the dawn of an idea. As always, go where the prompt leads.

Short-term and long-term goals peppered a vanity mirror in her bedroom. The very idea of vanity forced her swollen lips to slightly curl upward.

Hanging as suspended hopes in the swirling dried ink, she located the short-term square-reminder, dated April 22, 2017, plucked it from the mirror, and cupped it in her hands.

“Win pro MMA debut.”

A lost stare soon found direction when it dawned on her: flip the post-it over! On the back, a ‘break in case of emergency’ reminder revealed how to reset her winning mindset:

“Get back to the gym.”

559 Fights 56: Results & Recap

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The Visalia Convention Center filled with legends of the past on May 26, 2017, and these historic warriors, who have ‘been there and done that’ in the cage, stood in the corners of their present-day proteges to help mold their time as amateurs while competing at 559 Fights 56: Liu vs. Mora. Mma legends are […]

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