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A New Credential: 99 Word Flash

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On September 30, 2015, Charli Mills (@Charli_Mills) prompted us thus:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about returning home.

Here is what I came up with:

A New Credential

With summer’s recent springing, I applied for a new credential: MMA media.

The media pass I was issued.

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1 Down and 1 to Go: How Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis Maintained His Focus

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Bellator MMA rekindled the fire of fight fans, fanning the flames of their burning curiosities, when Scott Coker, CEO, introduced Dynamite 1, an event pitting four light heavyweights in a tournament style format. The fuse was lit on Spike TV, and fans’ enthusiasm exploded when they witnessed Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis (15-3 1NC) reinvigorate MMA’s Wild West. Even with a lengthy list of rules and regulations restraining the no holds barred aspect of a remembered tournament, last seen at UFC 8, on February 16, 1996, the intrigue meter tilted in a steep incline with the thought of an athlete preparing mentally for battle not only once, but twice. Davis appeared as a special guest on Submission Radio, episode 67, and recalled the most difficult aspect of fighting in a tournament, ensuring the next match isn’t a dud.

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“The WarMaster”‘s Tactics Never Detract

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Bobby Razak, a mastermind of visually enlightening and encouraging appreciation for mixed martial arts, continually attempts to close the gap between MMA and mainstream with cinematic sensations that stand the test of time. Compared to sports with historic folklore, MMA boasts a youthful glow amidst a twenty-two year campaign, which allows its present tense to remain riddled with icons who outline the sport’s progression-from grassroots to main stages. After his spectacular performance against Roy “Big Country” Nelson (21-12) at UFC Fight Night Japan: Barnett vs. Nelson, Josh “The WarMaster” Barnett (34-7) unearthed his MMA time capsule to log his recent victory, dated September 26, 2015. Right next to this recent addition, Barnett’s monologue in History of MMA (2012), a series produced by Razak, toned where he originated in MMA and the direction of his final destination.

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Jon Ferguson: It’s Time For Us to Be In Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner

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Jon Ferguson (1-2), co-host of Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner, produces a podcast on a weekly basis with his partner, Mike Ryan, swinging open a cage’s door for everyone. The introduction sets the tone for the show. Beginning in his own corner, Jon motions for us to cross the threshold,

“Welcome one and all to Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner.”

Mike, Jon’s cornerman, meets Jon where he awaits action to begin and supports the greeting with great advice. He’s aware that, and wants to share with you before the round’s intermission concludes, the show is,

“MMA from a different angle.”

Jon models the pulse of the show by feeding the horses of others’ carts first, so they will suffer fewer bumps; all in the hopes of further strengthening scaffolds that promote and develop the sport,

“And before we kick off with our usual saga of laughter and serious professionalism, we’re going to start by asking you all to jump onto Facebook, and Twitter, the lot really, and give some of our esteemed colleagues a follow. Because their hard work not only helps us and yourselves, it really just helps MMA grow.”

Photo courtesy of Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner

With all the support Jon and Mike have mustered up for their circuits of guests: listeners, competitors, or otherwise, it’s time for us to attend their corner, as Mike will be wrapping Jon’s hands and extending his rounds while Jon is contracted for battle at Lion Fighting Championships (LFC) on September 27, 2015.

Photo courtesy of Jon Ferguson

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A Chance to Breakout for JP “The Warrior” Gillespie

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According to Merriam-Webster, a disability is defined as:

“a lack of adequate power, strength, or physical or mental ability; incapacity.”

In the case of John (JP) “The Warrior” Gillespie, he has been shooting-in to takedown the essence of this definition since birth. Born with cerebral palsy, a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination caused by damage to the brain before or at birth, Gillespie would be the first one to weigh-in on this matter, expressing: Anything is possible. Exceeding everyone’s expectations, aside from himself and loved ones, Gillespie will create a reality for his dreams by stepping into a steel cage to fight for a title, the Prime Fight Series (Prime FS) Fighting for Autism Championship. On October 3, 2015 at Prime Fight Series V: Breakout, the click of the cage behind Gillespie will be the pinch to prove he’s truly awake when he battles David Steffan, similarly affected by cerebral palsy, at The Martial Arts Center St. Louis in Affton, Missouri.

prime fs fight poster
Photo courtesy of JP Gillespie

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A Cagefighter Debates A Restraining Order to Submit His Opponent

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A cagefight consists of combatants squaring off in the center of an enclosure, face-to-face, toe-to-toe, with nowhere to hide. In episode 84 of Cage Side Submission Radio (CSSR), Lex Ludlow (AM 3-2), an amateur fighter who trains out of Revolution Academy in Levittown, PA, appeared as a guest to discuss a fight he encountered against an opponent who lurked far beyond the borders of any fencing, a stalker named Eric Meadows.

Lex Ludlow2
Photo courtesy of Lex Ludlow

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Going to the Movies with Titan FC 35 Welterweight: Trey Ogden

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For ten dollars, not including, popcorn, soda, and arcade games, moviegoers detach from reality, euphorically seated in rows with torn ticket stubs pocketed. For the same cost, MMA fans can purchase a one-month subscription to the UFC’s membership site: UFC Fight Pass, a destination to bear witness to a talent pool bubbling to the surface of MMA’s ranks. On September 19, 2015, Trey Ogden (2-0) will make his Titan Fighting Championships (Titan FC) debut at Titan 35: Healy vs. Hawn, and he is intent on not playing the role of an extra. Ogden visited Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner as a special guest, and he declared any money deposited at the movies should not gain interest when it comes to any investment as an up-and-coming mixed martial artist.
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