No Luck Needed When Coach Doug Prepares You to Weigh-In

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For some, thirteen is considered unlucky. For MMAGOLD, a steadily growing fight team out of El Dorado Hills, California, thirteen mixed martial artists, spanning a spectrum of amateur to elite, hit the jackpot when, leading into November 5th, 2016, they stepped on the scales and spun a digital tale like a slot machine, narrating the value in the team’s nutritionist, as well as strength and conditioning coach: Coach Doug Casebier.

Although this baker’s dozen preheated their final product in the same oven—Urban Sprawl Fitness—twelve will remain close to home and compete at a dually promoted event, hosted by NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) and West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC): NCFS/WFC; whereas, UFC Welterweight Max “Pain” Griffin (12-3) will shine on the global stage at UFC Fight Night 98: Ferguson vs. Dos Anjos.

Prior to the click of the cage door, either in Rancho Cordova’s Metro City Soccer Complex or…

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