Steven Gruber: Finding A Home In MMA

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steven gruber 6The positivity pumping through the veins of Steven “The Gremlin” Gruber (5-2), a mixed martial artist nearing the biggest fight of his life, somehow congeals to depict images meant to hoist spirits, which actually peek through his skin for all to see. Peering through the peepholes of a cage, one may interpret the ink splashed on Gruber acts as a superstitious armor; whereas, in the comforting atmosphere of Urban Sprawl Fitness in El Dorado Hills, California, he candidly opened up, as if sitting in a living room with family, about a hidden shade of life lessons behind his tattoos. Discovering safety and honing survival techniques without a roof over his head is nothing new for Gruber, especially since he spent the first fifteen years of his life homeless; therefore, his adaptability in new environments suits his first move out of the regional MMA circuit. On May 14, 2016, Gruber wipes…

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