Sitting Cage Side With the Fighter: Dillon Moore at WFC 17

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During a fight, the voices surrounding the cage erupt, while the athletes inside create calmness in the middle of a storm. When the fight concludes, the winner is allotted, hopefully, an opportunity to share some analysis of his/her handiwork, but, more often than not, their emotions are running in the red; therefore, they are unable to thoroughly retrace the footprints they just walked on the road to victory.

On May 7, 2016, Dillon Moore (2-0) manhandled Jon Lorens (0-2) at West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) 17: Jones vs. Montgomery. In fact, Moore exited the cage that evening shining brighter than the MMAGOLD banner he proudly flies under. His goal, in every contest, is to entertain, and the audience lapped up his stunning stoppage due to strikes.

Following his heralded performance, Moore invited all those who hit play to sit down with him and revisit the personal destruction zone he created…

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