Steven Gruber: A Training Session With Coach Doug

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13173013_1070219439688444_450413626470049313_o‘Don’t leave a fight in the hands of the judges.’ ‘Nobody enters a fight one-hundred percent healthy.’ These are common sayings surrounding mixed martial arts.

Inside Urban Sprawl Fitness, MMAGOLD’s strength and conditioning coach, as well as nutritionist, Doug Casebier, better recognized as Coach Doug, evidenced the truth in another overused expression: the actual fight is more fun than the training, running, on this day, Steven Gruber through a workout designed to inflate the veins, connecting his heart and muscles for a level of endurance that will never dip below a full tank. Coach Doug described the purpose of the workout he engineered for Gruber,

“The bigger you can create your vein, the more blood and more stamina your heart will have for that muscle. If a muscle can keep up with the pumping of the heart, the bigger I can make your veins and the more oxygen and more…

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