Anthony Hernandez: A Training Session With Coach Doug

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IMG_1118Operating under the pseudonym: “Fluffy,” there is nothing soft about this middleweight’s mindset to grind through training sessions with all his heart and grit.

Friday afternoon and Anthony Hernandez, an undefeated mixed martial artist, loosens up on the mat. He begins to float, even without a mouthpiece or grease, a few butterflies about the wringer he expects Doug Casebier (Coach Doug), MMAGOLD’s strength and conditioning coach, as well as nutritionist, to churn him through. Hernandez is scheduled to appear at Global Knockout 7 at the end of August, and this timetable coincides with where Coach Doug presumes Hernandez, or any fighter eyeing a future camp, should be in his preparation,

“Before you enter into an eight-week conditioning camp, you should have already grown your skills, and then, for eight weeks, grow even more while conditioning. The athletes that don’t succeed are the ones that only try to improve during the…

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