Dillon Moore: Untouchable at WFC 17

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13179370_485146344943558_2445341047745477455_nEvery mixed martial arts contest begins on the feet with fighters’ health and stamina, assumed after medicals and training camps, at full-life. A rarity in a cage fight is when one of the competitors emerges unscathed with a flawless victory. One particular day in early May, Dillon Moore (2-0), a fighter who somehow squeezes into a featherweight frame, only required forty-three seconds to deconstruct Jon Lorens (0-2) from a tree to a pile of sawdust at West Coast Fight Championship (WFC) 17: Jones vs. Montgomery.

During introductions, the demeanor of each athlete orated the tale of the tape. In the blue corner, Lorens, in search of his first professional win, bowed to the corners with an eerie calmness, causing the screen to emit an odor of aromatherapy. On the other end of the cage, Moore paced in the red corner, resembling a hungry, caged lion. When WFC’s ring announcer, Tim…

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