Blake Benson: Two Rounds With Two Different Stories at WFC 17

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13083088_1233302830014107_8250306282803841001_nFrom walkout to wrap-up, “The” Blake Benson (4-0), a self-proclaimed nerd, stuffed all his heart, toughness, and unique charisma into a pocket protector and carried it into the cage when he faced Jordan Mapa (1-1) at West Coast Fighting Championship (WFC) 17: Jones vs. Montgomery. After surviving the first round by the skin of his teeth, Benson, under the tutelage of his corner, returned in the second round to pull off the most spectacular comeback of the evening. Pairing Benson’s play-by-play with a guest appearance on the podcast: Funky Monkey MMA (link here), the storyline of an amateur, with the mindset to pave a successful path in the sport, flows together like Dungeons and Dragons.

Well before the cage door locks, the entertainment began with Benson’s call to the stage. Although the initial notes cracking the airwaves feature a guitar working at full tilt, the tune subconsciously travels…

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