Bobby Green: On A Chase of UFC Gold with MMAGOLD

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It was a pleasure to chat with Bobby Green before he enters the Octagon at UFC 199.


The leather couches and chairs inside the lobby of Urban Sprawl Fitness were transformed into thrones whenever Bobby “King” Green (23-6) decided to rest his weary bones. Leading into UFC 199, Green hauled the final leg of his training camp, from Pinnacle MMA in Southern California to the Northern half of The Golden State, to El Dorado Hills, fine-tuning his craft with MMAGOLD. The collaboration of Pinnacle MMA and MMAGOLD have primed Green for success over Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier (19-4), a skyrocketing contender on a three-fight winning streak since joining the lightweight division, and Green’s pitstop also pressed defibrillators to the chest of MMAGOLD’S athletes, zapping them into a frenzy with his spark plug personality.

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